How to get HBOCN satellite TV service in your local area?
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Inquire about HBOCN service:   Order your favorite TV package solutions:   HBOCN Installation Services:   Payment for HBOCN service.
1. Call us:
Mobile: 139 1188 5499
Mobile: 133 716 00100
1. Choose your favorite TV package from homepage 1. HBOCN will serve you according to your requirements. 1. Once It is ok, You can watch these channels, you need to pay all fee for our service.
2. or Mail to:
  2. Tell us your installation date, address, and email (We need to get some feedback on HBOCN service)   2. HBOCN will mail a form of customers feedback to you.   2. At the same time you need to fill in the form of customers feedback and mail to us(hbocn@hbocn.com
Why to choose HBOCN satellite TV service?
As the professional satellite TV provider, Our team is made up of advanced and professional engineers, We are devoted to solving your satellite TV problem in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Dalian, Xiamen, Kunming, Qingdao...including satellite TV products, satellite TV installation, satellite TV solutions, satellite TV repairing. Choose HBOCN and No Trouble!

Our services are adopted widely in Ambassades, star hotels, universities, expat apartments in China.
Reasonable charge with reliable after sale services, along with English-speaking staff make our clients happy by HBOCN service. If you are a foreign student and learn in China, you will get more when you show your ID of student. We will be free to repair it when your satellite TV equipments don't work.
HBOCN has our English forum about satellite TV service, services that promote the customer's convenience.
''HBOCN service is too excellent, thank you', 'HBOCN is far ahead of any other satellite tv providers in our location' 'No other satellite providers received such good reputation in our location, only HBOCN can do it'. Most customers so appraised HBOCN satellite TV service.
HBOCN offers your favorite TV packages according to main languages, you can find your favorite TV package in here. including Dream package, DISHD package, HBOCN package, Indian TV package, Russia TV package, French TV package, Thai UBC package, Sky life package, Jap BSAT package, HDTV package, Hongkong TV Package...
HBOCN offers 100% guarantee services. It's not necessary to worry about any problem occur, the services including installation, relocation, smart card- updating service, multi-TV package, after sale repair etc....
You will really realize our excellent service only after used our service.

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